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Who We Are

Opakatu, that means “everybody” or “everything” in Tupi, aims at helping to widespread, teach and revitalize minority, regional, indigenous, tribal, creole and endangered languages.

We are a non-profit organization and our goal is to offer easy and friendly access to a wide diversity of languages courses and relevant cultural information in order to better our global comprehension of what exists in our planet.

Opakatu was idealized by Eugênio Brito, polyglot, language teacher, linguistic and cultural diversity enthusiast. History, Geography and Astronomy lover. Husband and father.

Our Project is a result of mutual and volunteer effort of many people from all around the world, who have been dedicating part of their lives for promoting their linguistic and cultural roots, so that they help to keep their background and origins alive.

Those who want to be part of this Project just have to access volunteers for more information and to join us.

Opakatu emerged because we believe that our greatest richness is people, who best express themselves in their own language, and whose culture is the greatest gift to the mankind.



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